When to Book Your Pregnancy Dating Scan

Now you know that you’re pregnant, we’re sure you’re interested to see what your due day will be, right? Whether it’s preparing little woolly jumpers for a November baby, or sweet duckling-print bonnets for a summer birth, it’s always nice to be prepared and give yourself a day to countdown to!

Take A Peek can conduct dating scan pregnancy scans from as early as 7 weeks into your pregnancy. The diagnostic examination will perform a number of functions, including ascertaining that you are pregnant, the amount of babies in the stomach and confirming the baby’s heartbeat.

Teamed with measurements of the baby in the womb, we can then determine the date that they baby will be due and how many weeks pregnant you are at that point.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that we do not find a heartbeat and we will then inform you and refer you to your local hospital’s EPAU.

What Developmental Stage Will Baby Be at 7 Weeks?

By the 7th week, things are really starting to develop, despite the fact that the baby is still currently only around half an inch long (no bigger than a blueberry). Its hands and feet are beginning to form, although this currently only means that they look like little paddles – not quite the tiny baby hands you’ll be used to picturing.

Given that the baby is still technically an embryo at this stage, it will still have something of a tail, which is actually just an extension of the tailbone and the only part of the body that will now shrink as the growth development continues.

Facially, the baby’s eyelids are now very slowly beginning to form, covering around half of the eyes – which are now starting to show colour – these folds will continue to grow until fully formed at around Week 26.

The tip of the nose is starting to look a lot like a little baby nose, whilst the skin is paper thin with visible tiny veins flowing beneath.

How Will I Be Feeling at 7 Weeks?

Given the fact that your uterus will have doubled in size since you became pregnant, you’ll naturally be feeling a tad more bloated than usual – although the size of your stomach won’t be that much different to the naked eye at this point. It’s worth taking some belly photos from now so that you can record the vast changes as your pregnancy progresses.

You may have been struck by morning sickness by this time, which will unfortunately stick around until at least Week 14, with some women experiencing the symptom until around Week 20 – although it’s completely normal to escape the symptom completely.

Here at Take A Peek, we offer 2D pregnancy dating scans from your 7th week, at the price of £50 on weekdays, or £54 on weekends or bank holidays. The service also comes with a report and 2 thermal 2D black and white images for you to take home.

Contact us today on 01744 610417 with any queries – your comfort is important to us here at Take A Peek 3D.