A Week by Week Run Through of Your Pregnancy

Before you get around to booking your 3D or 4D scan through Take A Peek, it’s always good to have a refresh when it comes to the many stages of pregnancy, so that you know what to expect and can book the right scan for the right period of time. Here’s our guide to pregnancy stages:

First Trimester - Weeks 1 - 12

When you have discovered that you’re pregnant, you may start noticing a number of fledgling pregnancy signs. The drastic hormonal adjustments will result in a lot of pregnancy symptoms, with the hormone human Chorionic Gonadotrophin being the main signifier of pregnancy.

This is also the time where dreaded morning sickness will potentially kick in for those unlucky enough to experience it - some mothers never get morning sickness - so good luck!

Breasts will feel more tender - akin to the feeling just before a period in the midst of PMS - whilst the increase of progesterone will sap at energy levels. Given the fact that the uterus will be growing in size, you may need to urinate more frequently than usual, with it pressing on the bladder.

Second Trimester - Weeks 13 - 27

Good news: the more unpleasant symptoms of early pregnancy in the first trimester will hopefully have started waning by this point. In their place, you’ll start to notice some of the following symptoms instead.

An increase of pelvic pressure is to be expected, with intermittent aching in the area like something is weighing down the area (it’s a baby!). The actual bump itself will become noticeable in this time period, whilst the skin here may start feeling itchy as it stretches to accommodate the baby.

You will have had a 2D scan by this point, and may have even been able to discover the gender of the baby.

Third Trimester - Weeks 28 - 40

Shortness of breath may become apparent as the uterus begins to push on the diaphragm, whilst extremities may swell somewhat as the body begins to retain fluids. Pains will be noticeable all over the body, with aches from the weight of carrying a near full-sized little life in the stomach.

Other symptoms that could arise are dark patches on the skin, stretch marks especially to the stomach area itself and sometimes the nipples will excrete colostrum - a yellow liquid - as the body prepares itself for breastfeeding.

Another phenomenon that may occur is the ‘false labour’, where you may experience what are called Braxton-Hicks contractions way before you’re actually going to give birth. It’s important to stay up to date with the research for each respective stage of your pregnancy, so that no new symptoms worry you.

This trimester, between 29 to 31 weeks you can have a clear 4D scan of your baby, where we check your baby’s growth and development and check everything is on track size wise.

Contact us today at Take A Peek to book in for a 3D or 4D baby scan. Our team will ensure you are as comfortable as possible in our premises, allowing you to see your little one before they actually come out into the world.