What to Expect During your Visit to Take A Peek

What to Expect During your Visit to Take A Peek

Introducing The Baby Scan!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming birth of your baby with a most unique family photograph - an ultrasound photograph of your baby whilst still inside Mum's tummy. At Take a Peek we will be happy to help you share this momentous occasion by performing a safe, non-invasive baby scan so that Mum, Dad, and baby's siblings can get a first glimpse of your beautiful new baby. Show the grandparents their little grandson or granddaughter in the most personal and special gift available. Choose the scan package which is right for your family.

How Our Personal Ultrasound Appointment Works

First, you will complete a simple consent form and select the scan package of your choice. Next, please feel free to make yourself comfortable in our cosy waiting area. When it is time for your scan, you may proceed to the scan room with any family members who have accompanied you. We know that this is a special occasion, so we have ensured that everyone will be able to see the television during the scan.

Relax on the examination couch and view how your baby is lying. Listen to your baby's heartbeat! Now the waiting begins. Patience is required if your baby is feeling shy and hiding from our camera. We have a few photographer tricks (sorry, no stuffed bunnies) to help tease your baby out into the best possible viewing position. For instance, we may have you walk around a bit. If it is not possible to take a clear, beautiful picture then we will simply rebook your appointment free of charge.

Expect your appointment to take a half hour, and we know from experience that you will be surprised how fast the time flies away!

Options for Your Scan Package

We have some of the latest technology for taking 3D and 4D High-definition baby scan pictures. Some of our services include sexing scans from 16 weeks and onward, 4D/HD moving images, dating scans, and more.

Post-Baby Scan

Once we have finished the scan, take a few minutes to select the images which you like best. We know it can be difficult to choose, and when you are done you will be able to take quality prints of the scan home with you. You may also choose from key-rings, extra images, and framed pictures. Some of our packages will include items such as a CD-ROM or USB tick and DVD footage. We also offer the Heartbeat Bears. We can record your baby's heartbeat and store it inside a teddy bear. Choose from brown, pink, and blue bears 16 inches long or an 8-inch bear.

We are equipped to print your images along with key-rings whilst you are still here. This way, you can promptly show any family or friends who may have missed out on your baby's first photo shoot. Take home a Heartbeat Bear and a few photos of your upcoming treasure and watch your new baby become a star, even before he or she is born!