Sexing Scans

We offer a sexing scan (gender reveal) in either 2D (B/W) or 4D. Both 2D and 4D scans have the same accuracy in sexing your baby at 99.9%. All our scans are performed by State Registered Sonographers, your baby's size will also be checked.

We can either tell you the sex of baby when we scan you, or if you would like to keep it a surprise for later, we can write the sex of baby in an envelope, or you can buy a heartbeat bear (from £15) which we can wrap up for you to take away. We also offer confetti cannons for £15 filled with either pink or blue confetti.

You can book on-line via our new website

2D Sexing Scan/ Gender Reveal-  £50  (£55 at the weekend)

With a free sneaky peek in 4D if baby is in a good position. A sexing scan in 2D B/W with 2 thermal b/w prints included

Can be performed from 15 weeks onwards.

Our sexing scans are 99.9% accurate

4D Sexing Scan - £65 (£72 at the weekend)

A sexing scan in 4D with 2 glossy 6" x 4" photos included.

Can be performed from 16 weeks onwards.

Our sexing scans are 99.9% accurate.

Confetti Cannon