Sexing Scans

We offer a sexing scan (gender reveal) in either 2D (B/W) or 4D. Both 2D and 4D scans have the same accuracy in sexing your baby at 99.9%. All our scans are performed by State Registered Sonographers.

We can either tell you the sex of baby when we scan you, or if you would like to keep it a surprise for later, we can put the sex of baby in an envelope. You can buy a heartbeat bear (from £15) which we can wrap up for you to take away. We also offer confetti cannons for £15 filled with either pink or blue confetti or a gender reveal balloon  for £20 filled with confetti

You can book on-line via our new website

2D Sexing Scan/ Gender Reveal- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

With a free sneaky peek in 4D if baby is in a good position. A sexing scan in 2D B/W with 2 thermal b/w prints included

Can be performed from 15 weeks onwards.

Our sexing scans are 99.9% accurate


A sexing scan in 4D with 2 glossy 6" x 4" photos included.

Can be performed from 16 weeks onwards.

Our sexing scans are 99.9% accurate.

Confetti Cannon