Benefits of Having Ultrasound Scans Throughout Your Pregnancy

Having a baby is a happy time, but also brings with it worries about how well everything is developing in the womb. With the help of modern state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to be with your child every step of the way before the birth. We can provide terrific 3D and 4D ultrasound scans of your baby and show you what is happening on a regular basis. Observing the growth process is a beautiful thing, but there are many other reasons why more and more people are using this 100 per cent safe method of pre-birth care. The great thing about this service is that you can choose how much you want to know, and how much you want to keep as a memento, of an occasion that is unsurpassed by anything else you will ever experience. So, what are the advantages of a baby scan?

Top quality 3D and 4D ultrasound scans for posterity

The heartbeat of your child and all the visual recording can be recorded to DVD, CD-ROM, Heartbeat Bear, and so much more, including photos. This will ensure that you have a record of the event not only for the future but to give to friends and family.

Ultrasound scans and Detecting issues

From seven weeks, we can offer confirmation pregnancy checking. This type of scan will not only authenticate that there is a heartbeat but will be able to tell you how many babies there are and give measurements. This is crucial in verifying the age of the child and being able to calculate the day of delivery.

There is a well-being service that is offered between 20-22 weeks. This will look at possible abnormalities and discover if the growth rate is within the normality ratio. As well as this, we will check the placenta, heart, limbs, major organs, spine, and brain.

From 24 weeks as well as the detecting issues check from above, we can look at the fluid in the womb that surrounds and protects your child, and estimate weight.

More and more people want to know what the gender of their child is before the birth. This makes sense for several logical reasons. We offer this sexing 4D ultrasound (or 2D) scan, with a 99.9 per cent accuracy level. We must stress that all scans are completely safe and are carried out be Sonographers that are State Registered. We never use locums.

For future parents that don't want to know the gender of their child, there is still the option of a 2D scan to make sure that the baby is in the correct position and everything is going well. This scan will be done after 26 weeks.

ultrasound scans for Dating, sexing, and presentation, are an essential part of the birth process, and you will naturally want to feel that you are in safe hands. We can guarantee a service where you and your child's safety is paramount. Our checks are totally professional and friendly, and a member of our team is always on hand to answer questions and give advice.

You want the best for your child, and we believe that there is nobody locally that can give a better service.