10 Reasons to come to Take a Peek for your Ultrasound Scan

Based in St. Helens and also conveniently located for residents in Wigan, Leigh, Widnes, Ormskirk, Southport, Blackburn, Chorley, Preston, Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool, Take A Peek 3D are the region's first and premier baby 3D, 4D and HD ultrasound scanning studio. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and fully licensed to carry out all of our baby scanning procedures. Here are just 10 reasons to come to Take a Peek and take advantage of the excellent services and scanning packages we offer.

Qualified NHS Sonographers

All of Take a Peek's scanning procedures are carried out by our female, professional, fully qualified NHS sonographers.

Latest Scanning Machines

We use the latest scanning machines employing state of the art 3D, 4D and HD scanning technology to scan and produce images of your baby with stunning clarity and definition.

Heart Beat Bears

Who can resist such a personal souvenir to take home? Your baby's heartbeat can be recorded onto a sound module and placed inside one of our soft and cuddly heart beat bears, available in brown, pink and blue and in 40 cm and 20 cm sizes.

Sexing Scans

For those who would like to know the sex of their baby, sexing scans are a package that can reveal your baby's sex any time after 16 weeks with 99.99% accuracy. Alternatively, for those who would prefer not to know their baby's sex until he or she is born, we will respect your wishes and withhold that information.

Dating Scans

Our dating scans are a package that can determine with impressive accuracy how many weeks pregnant you are and can also provide a very close estimate of your due delivery date.

Friendly Staff

Professional ultrasound scanning is, of course, completely safe and involves no pain or discomfort to you or your baby. Nevertheless, we understand that first time visitors may initially feel a little nervous, so you can rest assured that our friendly staff will make every effort to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your visit.

Family Members Welcome

Seeing a live image of your new baby is a highly emotional experience, and it's natural to want to share that moment with loved ones. Family members are welcome to accompany you to our studio and share in your joy.

Relaxed Environment

We have carefully designed our scanning studio to offer a very relaxed environment with pleasant surroundings that will make for a comfortable and enjoyable experience during your visit.

Open Late Night and 6 Days a Week

Convenience for our clients is something that we attach great importance to and that's why at Take a Peek 3D, we are open late night and 6 days a week. Arrange with our receptionist staff to visit at a time that suits you.

Scan Souvenir

Seeing your baby during the scanning procedure is a truly exciting moment and as virtually every expectant mum wants to share that experience with friends and family, we are happy to oblige. We can provide a range of scan souvenirs from high quality glossy prints or digital images uploaded onto a CD or USB stick to video footage recorded onto DVD.

In short, at Take a Peek 3D, we are dedicated and qualified professionals who believe that nothing is more important than taking care of our mums-to-be and offering you a professional baby scanning service. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information about the range of scanning packages that are available. Our pricing is highly competitive and reasonable, and our service is second to none.