The Babyís On Its Way: How to Pack Your Hospital Bag

Now you’ve had your 4D scan and your due date is coming up, it’s time to start planning ahead. The best way to do that is to have your hospital bag packed before the big day. After all, you’ll have so many other things on your mind that the last thing you’ll want to be worrying about is whether you’ve remembered your toothbrush.

We recommend that you have your hospital bag packed at least a week in advance to your due date. You’ll thank yourself later. But what should go in the bag? Let’s get to the packing!

For you:

Yes, pack yourself a toothbrush. It’s pretty self-explanatory but it’s an essential that shouldn’t be forgotten about. Also, don’t forget all your other toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, a hair brush, moisturiser and lip balm. Your hospital may well provide some essentials for you but it’s better to be prepared.

Some comfy pyjamas. And maybe a nice, fluffy dressing gown and a warm pair of slippers. You’ll have moments where you’ll want to feel a little bit pampered whilst in the hospital so make sure you’re going to be as cosy as possible.

Pack your ID and any paperwork that you might need in your hospital bag such as maternity notes and a birth plan, to make sure that you’re able to communicate with your nurses and mid-wives efficiently on the details of how you’re planning to give birth.

Snacks. You’ll be wanting to keep your energy up both before and after the birth so pack a mixture of both sweet and savoury snacks in your hospital bag. It’s best to be fully prepared for any cravings you might have whilst away from the treats cupboard in your kitchen!

Comfortable clothing. Make sure you have packed comfortable clothes in your hospital bag such as a nightdress or t-shirt for during delivery. Also, be sure to pack an outfit for when it’s time to come home.

Entertainment. Whether it’s a good book or an iPod containing all your favourite music, make sure you have something that’ll keep you relaxed during those long hours in the hospital.

Knickers. Most hospitals will provide disposable knickers but you may prefer to bring your own.

Disposable maternity pads. An essential for post-birth hygiene.

Nursing bras. Be prepared and pack a few of your favourite and most comfortable bras in your hospital bag.

Breast pads. Your saving grace for any leaks you might have whilst breastfeeding.

For your baby:

Pack some clothes for your new-born such as baby grows, sleepsuits and either some socks or baby boots. It’s best to pack some spares as well in case of accidents. You could also add a blanket and a hat into your hospital bag to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Nappies and cotton wool. You may be in hospital for up to three days with your new-born so we recommend that you pack around thirty nappies to see you through.

It probably won’t fit in your bag, but make sure you’ve also got a car seat set up ready for taking your baby safely home in.

Ultimately, packing your hospital bag is all about you being as comfortable as possible whilst delivering your child. If there’s something you want to bring because it’ll make you feel more at home and allow for an easier birth experience – do it! If you go to the hospital fully prepared, welcoming your little one will be a doddle.