5 Ways to Plan the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

5 Ways to Plan the Perfect Gender Reveal Party

Have you been hoping for a boy or a girl? Perhaps you have dreamed of providing a little brother or sister for your existing child. Either way, a gender reveal party can be a great way to celebrate what will certainly prove to be one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. At Take a Peek, we are pleased to be able to offer you a host of services such as high-quality baby scans, gender-specific sexing scans and ultrasounds. All technology aside, what are some of the best ways to make sure that your upcoming party is as entertaining as it is informative?

Why Not Try A few Themes?

Most gender reveal parties will be centred around some type of bespoke theme. These ideas can be seasonal (depending upon when the child is expected to be born) or instead focus upon more unique ideas. You could even take a walk on the wild side by serving typical pregnancy "craving" foods such as pickles and ice cream to your guests.

Balloons in a Box

Take a trip to a local party store and purchase a few plain boxes with wrapping paper. Then, look for balloons which represent a boy or a girl (pink or blue in the majority of cases). Blow up these balloons and place them inside of the boxes. Provide one box for each guest and at the time of your big announcement, ask them to simultaneously open up their "presents". This is a great way to keep the suspense until the very last minute.

Have a Raffle

This next idea has always been a traditional way to announce whether you are expecting a boy or a girl. Before the gender reveal party, as each guest to place a wager on whether you will be expecting "blue" or "pink". Tally up the results for each vote. Immediately before your announcement, let your attendees know which gender "won" the vote (much like an election). Then, pick one guest at random from the winning side. Prizes can include a meal voucher at a local restaurant, a gift for their child (if they have one) or even a framed picture of the ultrasound that we can provide.

A Puzzle for All

Why not think a bit outside of the proverbial box? One artistic and unforgettable idea can be to take your baby scan to a local printing shop. Ask them to increase the size by five or six times until it is approximately 0.5 metres in length on each side. Cut the image up into puzzle-like pieces and place them in a random pile. Ask your guests to reassemble the picture and see how long it takes them to discover whether the child is a boy or a girl.

Gender "Teams"

Purchase an equal number of pink and blue shirts. When your guests arrive, ask each one which colour he or she prefers. Once everyone is wearing a hue that they believe reflects the gender of the baby, make the big announcement. The losing team could then be obliged to buy the winning team a round of drinks or dinner at a local restaurant. Either way, this is another way to add a bit of extra fun and excitement to your gathering.

These are five of the top suggestions from professionals within the industry. Never forget that we are pleased to be able to provide you with sexing scans, baby scans and a host of different images that will reveal the gender of your child. Please contact us to learn more.