The Benefits of Exercise in Pregnancy

Is it wise to exercise during pregnancy? This topic is much debated among pregnant women and others. The facts show that if you are active and fit throughout your pregnancy, it will be easier for you to cope with the challenges of labour and return into shape after the birth of your baby. You will also be able to handle any weight gain and your changing shape more effectively. Do you have an exercise schedule? If you feel comfortable during your workout routine and everyday activities, you can continue to keep this up. This includes things such as running, dancing, shopping and so on. Some studies indicate that exercise benefits you and your baby and you may experience less difficulties in the latter stages of pregnancy and labour.

Exercise Suggestions for Pregnancy

How much exercise should you do? The general principle is not to exhaust yourself. Common sense dictates that you decrease your level of activity as your pregnancy progresses. Your maternity team will be able to give you specific advice – listen to them. Can you carry out a normal conversation whilst exercising? This is a sensible guide in determining if you are doing too much.

What if you weren’t very active before you were pregnant? It best to start small and not to take do anything too strenuous. Let the trainer know that you are pregnant and they can help create a training program for you. Keep to 15-minute sessions for three times a week to build up your stamina. Then you can gradually increase the sessions to 30-minutes, for four times a week.

Exercise Essentials for Pregnancy

What is one of the best ways to avoid injuries when exercising? It’s really important to warm up before you start. Warm muscles help to avoid strains and pulls. What about when you have finished your workout? It’s equally important to warm down which releases lactic acid and reduces any muscle pain. Aim to keep active on a day-to-day basis, like walking for 30 minutes or so. If the weather is very hot, it’s best to avoid strenuous exercise which can cause more harm than good. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Can you attend fitness classes? Speak to the qualified instructor and let them know that you’re pregnant and how far you’ve progressed in your pregnancy. If there is a risk of falling during an exercise activity, use extra caution, or you may choose to avoid it altogether until after your baby is born.

Avoid Certain Exercises in Pregnancy

Are you past 16 weeks in your pregnancy? Then you must avoid lying flat on your back, because your blood vessel can be compressed, which could make you feel faint. Contact sports are dangerous for pregnant women – you could be hit, which could harm your baby. Scuba diving is off limits, as your baby is not protected from gas bubbles that could enter its bloodstream, as well as decompression sickness. When you exercise, avoid heights above 2,500m above sea level, until you have gone through the acclimatisation process – you and your baby could be struck with altitude sickness.

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