Four of your babys developmental stages you can see with Take A Peek

One of the many benefits to having a 3D baby scan or 4D baby scan is being able to see the miracle of your child’s development as it happens. Here at Take A Peek - St. Helens’ private clinic for pregnancy scans - we can offer you the wonder of that privilege. Here’s our list of five developmental stages your baby will go through that you will be able to see using our service.


Some parents like to visit us at around week 7, just before their baby transforms from an embryo into a fetus! There’s still not much to see at this stage – the baby is about an inch long and weighs only a thirtieth of an ounce – but it has just become possible to hear the child’s heartbeat and we can capture that in our special heart beat bears. We can record the sound of your baby's heart beat during the scan and place the sound module inside the bear for you to take away on the day, a wonderful reminder that your baby is now alive if not yet quite kicking.

Boy or Girl?

After 16 weeks, your baby’s reproductive organs and genitalia are now fully developed and we will be able to reveal the sex of your baby with 99.99% accuracy in one of our sexing scan packages. For many parents, finding out whether they are soon due to have a new little boy or girl is one of the most exciting moments. Of course, if you wish to keep this a surprise until the baby is born we can make sure to stay well away and keep the focus on the face of your child!

Hey, You with the Pretty Face…

By the end of week 16, other parts of your baby’s body will also have become well-developed. Using our 3D scans it will be possible to see your baby’s face for the first time, as his or her eyes, nails and hair will now have formed. Your baby may even now have started to suck its thumb, yawn, stretch, or pull faces! We can capture magical moments such as these using 4D moving image footage which you can take home on a CD-ROM or a DVD.

Well-being Service

By week 20, you may have begun to feel movement as your baby has now developed and started to exercise its muscles! We offer a well-being service between 20-22 weeks that will examine your baby for possible abnormalities, and check whether its growth rate is normal, along with the condition of major organs such as the heart and brain. From 24 weeks, we are also able to check the amniotic fluid in the womb that surrounds and protects your child, and estimate its weight.

Watching your child grow and develop is one of life’s real miracles. Looking at our 4D scans “before and after” birth, you can celebrate how much they have changed even very early in their life.