How to Choose the Right Scan for You

An expectant mother receives at least one ultrasound during the gestation period, but you can have more, depending on many variables. The purpose of ultrasound is to get assurances that the baby is in a healthy condition in various stages of the pregnancy. At Take a Peek Ultrasound Imaging Studio, we provide independent services for expectant women. Our ultrasound imaging comes in a range of options that cater to a large number of needs from checking the gender to dating. We use the latest technologies to guarantee the clearest images and sharpest details. Learn about the different types of scans that Take a Peek has available and their suitability.

3D, 4D and HD Scan

With the advances in technology nowadays, mothers can now get more than just still pictures of their unborn babies. A 3D ultrasound uses computer software in conjunction with the transducer to create images that are more pronounced. With a three-dimensional image, you can tell the features of your little one, depending on when the ultrasound is taken. Whether it’s a gender scan or presentation scan, we offer high-quality 3D imaging.

You can also opt for the 4D or HD scans that we have available. These two options are different to  2D and will give you a live-like view of the fetus. HD is a step higher than 4D, but with both, you get moving images of your baby. It means you can see the little one kicking, yawning and if you are lucky, blinking. The best part is that with a 4D HD scan, you can get a video to watch later or show your family as a surprise.

Growth Scan

It is normal for a mother to want to know how her baby is progressing in the womb and a growth scan provides that. At Take a Peek 3D you can get this ultrasound from 26 weeks of pregnancy. During the scan, we will estimate the baby’s weight, its position and ensure that it is healthy. It is also helpful in determining the rate of growth of a fetus over time. We provide two black and white thermal prints, which you can take home to show the rest of the family and keep for the future. For a growth scan, you can choose to have it in 4D or 2D.

Presentation Scan

Just before birth, it is vital to see the position of the baby, not to mention check that it is in good health, and the presentation ultrasound scan does that. The ultrasound is also necessary to identify the risk of placenta praevia while checking the amount of amniotic fluid. After your presentation scan, you can get a full report that your doctor will find helpful.

Gender Scan

Some mums just can’t wait until birth to find out the sex of the baby. Our gender scan is available in 2D or 4D, and either option offers 99.9% accuracy. You can get this ultrasound from 16 weeks onwards. If you want to start planning early for gender-specific clothes or toys, then come to us for superior standard ultrasound imaging.

Dating Scan

Not sure how old your unborn child is? Ultrasound imaging for dating pregnancies is what you need. This scan is usually the first one that most expectant mothers get. A dating scan ensures that you get a correct due date so that you and your doctor can make the necessary preparations. The ultrasound is also used to check the number of babies you are carrying, as well as check the heartbeat. You can get it from seven weeks of pregnancy.

Ultrasound scans are necessary to monitor a pregnancy, and our imaging services ensure that you get them from certified sonographers. Whether it’s a 4D HD scan, 3D or 2D, count on first class services.