When is The Best Time to Have A 4D Scan?

What is a 4D Scan?

A 4D Scan is a high-quality ultrasound scan of your baby which reveals more detail than a black and white 2D. Our 2D, 4D and HD scans are carried out by highly experienced NHS trained sonographers. The best time during pregnancy to have a 4D scan is between 27 and 31 weeks’ gestation when your baby has added some fat and will be more photogenic. A scan for the purposes of sex determination is known as a Sexing or Gender Scan and can be done anytime from 16 weeks onwards. It would not be a bad idea to wait until having the full 4D or HD scan to discover the sex of your little one so you can make it an exciting all-in-one event. But if you just cannot wait then just have it at 16 weeks. We also offer a range of other diagnostic ultrasound scan services such as dating your pregnancy at 7 weeks and a well-being assessment at 24 weeks’ gestation.

What Happens During 4D Gender Scan?

One thing we pride ourselves in is the ability to get our customers nice and relaxed ready for what should always be an enjoyable experience. We have made sure to remove the cold clinical experiences associated with hospital visits by creating an atmosphere of homeliness and comfort. During the scan your friends and family can also watch the flat screen from 5 chairs we always keep in the scanning room. We keep paperwork to a minimum and only require that you first use our standard form to select the type of scan you require as well as fill out a simple consent form. If you want to know the sex of the baby, we will point that out to you during the scan but if you would rather wait until the Big Day to find out then that's fine too. Our skilful sonographers will tactically manoeuvre to avoid those revealing angles. The scanning procedure should normally take around 10 to 15 minutes although this could take a little longer should your baby decide to hide. Following the scan, you will be allowed to choose two magical angles to save as 6x4 glossy photos.

What if You Cannot Determine the Sex of My Baby?

We rarely miss an opportunity to determine the sex of any baby but if your baby is being extra elusive we might suggest going for a walk or having a fizzy drink or something sugary.  If in the very unlikely event that we are still unable to detect the sex of the baby, we will gladly rebook your appointment for another time free of charge.

Why Use Take a Peek for My 4D or HD Scan?

As a company, we have been providing obstetric ultrasound scanning for 10 years with so many happy customers that 70% of them are referred to us by our existing customer base or are repeat customers themselves. We offer Saturday and evening bookings although you are advised to book well in advance for these time slots as they are very high in demand as you can imagine. We have a range of attractive personalised memorabilia to mark the special occasion such as our Heart Beat Bears which are fitted with the heartbeat of your own beautiful baby. We can also put your little one's HD scan photograph on canvas for a lifelong memory of their pre-world journey or on DVD, CD ROM, USB or keyring.

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