Before and After Baby Pictures

When comparing pictures from the 4D ultrasound scan to those after the baby’s birth, you can see the fascinating accuracy of these images. With the use of ultrasound technology, the usual 2D images are created in sections to build up a picture of your baby in 3D. It is then possible to add the extra ‘fourth dimension’ by continued scanning – usually for around 20 minutes. This results in a real-time viewing of your baby’s movements in the womb.

Parents are often blown away by how much their 4D prenatal ultrasound scans are to their baby. At Take A Peek, we offer glossy photos as keepsakes. As a consequence, parents can be surprised when they meet their baby, just how much their new-born looks like these images.

Happy Parents

You can see examples parents have created in our Before and After Baby Gallery. Some of these are labelled so you can see exactly what stage these parents opted to carry out their 4D ultrasound scan, and then this is compared alongside a picture of their new-born baby outside in the real world!

Happy Babies

What is especially delightful is when parents are able to capture a shot of their young baby in a similar position to that of their ultrasound image. They are incredibly cute to see, with big yawning mouths, little hands on their face, and – of course – sleeping away with adorable scrunched up eyes, and gentle smiles.

Happy Families

Sharing these pictures with friends and family is all part of the fun. The moment itself is often a precious moment between parents when the 4D scan takes place. Having the memento of a photograph to take away can also offer a continuation of these sentimental feelings once your baby is born. When sharing these images with friends and family, they are sure to be amazed at what they seen, and you’re sure to share a few laughs when you see a comparison photo taken at the same angle. What’s more is that as your child grows, they can also partake in the pleasure of seeing themselves at these early stages of their life.

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With experienced sonographers on hand, you and your baby are in safe hands. As NHS workers, the team have a combined 50 years of obstetric ultrasound experience. As an organisation, Take A Peek also offer discounts for other NHS staff and members of the Armed Forces. Get in touch today to arrange your 4D ultrasound scan.