Come to Take a Peek for Baby Scans Near Liverpool

It is natural for expectant mothers to get worried about the health of their babies, in particular for those with problematic pregnancies. Ultrasound scans provide mothers-to-be with the assurance that their unborn children are doing well, which gives the peace of mind to nurture the pregnancies. During the different phases of the gestation period, you can get a number of scans, and for that, you need experienced professionals and good quality machines for accurate and timely results. For expectant mothers residing in Liverpool who need any type of ultrasound scan, Take a Peek is just a short distance away, and we guarantee services you will be satisfied with. For baby scans Liverpool, our offices are only 15 miles away in St Helens, and that is a half hour ride.

Why us

Why come to Take a Peek from Liverpool? Well, for one, our three female sonographers are NHS trained, so you don’t have to worry about the credibility of the services we provide. We understand that for the first-time mums-to-be getting that initial ultrasound can be unnerving, so our sonographers do everything they can to keep you comfortable and reassure you when in doubt. It will be impossible to enjoy those precious moments when you see your unborn child for the first time and are worried about whether the procedure is going to hurt the baby, which is why we avail ourselves for all kinds of questions.

Our investment in the best equipment allows us to provide 3D scans in Liverpool, and also 4D and HD as well. With our enhanced imaging services, we offer more than just the standard 2D pictures. Our 4D scans Liverpool allow pregnant mothers to see the movement of the unborn, which can be very exciting. What mother wouldn’t want to see her little one wiggle the toes or make a fist when still in the womb? We understand how memorable these ultrasounds can be, so we make it worth your while. The photos we print are great treasures that will remind you of how far your little one has come. Also, they make great gifts for the spouse or family members when you want to announce the gender or boast those first movements. For 4D/HD, you can get a video to show off.

Everything You Need in One Place

Our baby scans Liverpool services range on a very broad scale because we understand that different aspects characterise the various stages of pregnancy. You can get a first-trimester ultrasound to check on the health of the baby.

Our 4D scans Liverpool are also used for telling the gender of the baby. Come to St Helens and Take a Peek will give you accurate results on whether your little one is boy or girl so that you can prepare for that baby shower accordingly. When you want to know when exactly your due date is, our dating scan will help with that. It is also a good one to determine how the baby is progressing, though you can get a growth ultrasound separately. We also have 3D scans in Liverpool for the final stages of gestation. A presentation scan ensures everything is ready for birth and that the placenta is not incorrectly positioned.

At Take a Peek Ultrasound imaging studio, we guarantee the best care for mums-to-be and the clearest images of the unborn. Besides thermal prints, we can record the baby’s heartbeat and store it in a fluffy bear, so it’s always with you.