The Different Types of Baby Scan Explained

Here at Take A Peek – St. Helens’ private clinic for pregnancy scans – we offer a range of different scans to our customers so you can see your child’s development unfold over time. The baby scans we offer include 3D scans, 4D scans and HD scans.

As you might expect, these three types of pregnancy scan offer slightly different types of experience when it comes to seeing your child. That’s why we think it might be helpful to explain the exact differences between the various types of baby scan.

2D scans

2D scans are probably the most familiar type of scan to new parents. These are the routine black and white ultrasound images taken in hospital often used to confirm the pregnancy and detect any early abnormalities. While these scans are wonderful early in pregnancy at allowing you – or your social media friends - to see your baby for the first time, as your baby grows you may want to have a more detailed look at them in more detail.

3D scans and 4D scans

As the name suggests, 3D baby scans allow parents to see their child in three dimensions, their features visible in all their glory. The ultrasound machine used to take 3D scans is exactly the same as those used for 2D scans in hospital. The type of ultrasound machine we use here at Take A Peek is a Voluson E8. This is a top-of-the-range ultrasound machine often used in medical settings to obtain images of your baby, capable of producing all types of scan.

A 4D scan is simply a moving 3D scan that you can see on the screen of the machine, while a still image obtained in this way is 3D. You may be relieved to know that the power or intensity of the scan does not change when switching between 2D and 3D scans; it is simply that the software of the ultrasound machine processes the images in a different way.

When your baby is around 16 weeks old we recommend having a sexing scan in 2D or 4D so you can see the gender of your child, waiting until later in your pregnancy to see your baby in HD as there will simply be more to see.

HD scans

A HD scan is very similar to a 4D scan. Again this is simply a moving 3D baby scan, except the image is in even higher definition than before. These images can be obtained using a special probe we have here at Take A Peek. These are then processed by the software of the ultrasound machine.

We believe that the best time to have an HD scan is from 27 weeks onwards when your baby’s features will have become more distinct. Through our amazing HD technology, your baby will look even more true to life, with a more natural skin tone and depth to their lips and eyes, giving you a sense of what they will look like the day they finally arrive.

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