Find Out If You're Having a Baby Girl or Boy for Christmas With Take a Peek

Want to Know the Sex of Your Baby Before Christmas

Having a new baby is a very exciting time for all families and planning for the little one has become an urgency for so many couples. So much so that many women decide to have a sexing scan so that they can be certain of whether the baby is a boy or a girl. The colour of baby's bedroom, first clothes and much more are determined by the sex of the baby for so many parents. We at Take a Peek pride ourselves at being the premier gender scan providers in the UK with NHS trained sonographers and a relaxed, homely environment aimed at taking the hospital out of such visits. We can provide a 2D sexing scan or a 4D sexing scan to magically reveal your beautiful baby just in time for Christmas. We can perform a 4D or 2D sexing scan from the 16th week of your pregnancy and all our gender scans are 99.99% accurate.

What is a 2D/4D HD Gender Scan?

Both types of gender scan use ultrasound to build an image of your baby on screen and differ only in the level of detail with the 4D High Definition scan being the most defined and realistic image. A 2D Sexing Scan is a black and white image with which we also provide two b/w thermal print-outs for you to take home with you. The 4D Sexing Scan is provided with two high quality glossy 6" x 4" photographs.

What Happens During the Gender Scan Procedure?

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our receptionists and asked to read through our introduction pack. This will include a selection of our gender scan packages for you to choose from and a consent form for you to sign. After selecting your scan package, you will be shown to the scan room where you can also bring your loved ones. They will be welcomed by a front row seat facing the flat screen where all the action will take place. During the scan procedure, your little one may be rather elusive or shy so you may have to bear with us while we coax them into view. During the scan our sonographer will be taking screenshots of the most revealing angles and you can choose the ones you liked best afterwards. Now you and your loved ones can all celebrate and start trading name suggestions for him or her.

Can I Find Out the Sex of My Baby Before Christmas?

Book now and you could know the sex of your baby before Christmas. What better way to spend the Christmas than mulling over the decor of your little one's bedroom? We specialise in being the best at what we do and make every visitor feel at home and comfortable. You can use our gender scan services as a surprise gift to your loved one who will relish the feeling of not being in a clinical environment during the whole process. We love what we do and love to see future mums and dads happy when they leave us.

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