Unmissable Antenatal Classes to Assist Pregnant Women

Would you agree that you have more questions during your pregnancy than at almost any other time? Many expectant women would agree with that statement. What is one of the best ways to have your questions answered? By attending antenatal or parent craft classes. These professional services are perfect for preparing yourself for that special day – your baby’s birth. It can be a daunting challenge learning how to care for and feed your baby – that’s why these classes are so important. These sessions will help you to keep well throughout your pregnancy and give you birthing options and important information about your labour.

Friendships and Specialist Advice

There nothing worse than feeling alone whilst pregnant. Not only can you make friends who are experiencing similar things as you, you can also discuss any concerns with specialists. The informal setting of these classes can produce lasting friendships that can help you through the initial period with your baby.

How to Select an Antenatal Class

Ask yourself what you expect to get from attending an antenatal class. Why not speak to your health visitor, NCT, GP or midwife, on the antenatal classes that are available near you? Due to the popularity of these classes, it’s good advice to book them as early as possible. You may wish to attend multiple classes at the same time – no problem. What if you are unable to attend an antenatal class? The next best thing is to contact your midwife who could loan you a DVD about antenatal classes, or you could get a video for yourself. Why not check out your local library?

What You Can Expect from Antenatal Classes

It is common to attend antenatal classes between 30-32 weeks of your pregnancy, although you can go to introductory sessions earlier. The recommendation for those expecting twins is to attend when you’re 24 weeks pregnant, as twins are usually born early. How often are these classes held? Normally, they are weekly sessions that take place in the daytime or evening, for approximately two hours. Who can attend these classes? Some welcome partners and friends, while others only allow pregnant women – it’s best to find out beforehand.

What Subject Are Discussed?

What types of subjects are discussed at antenatal classes? One of the most important things is your health and why you should eat healthily during your pregnancy. How can you keep fit and what exercises are recommended for pregnant women? There is an essential section on labour and the birth itself, which can cause a lot of fear of the unknown. This knowledge will help you to reduce unnecessary worries and concerns. What are some effective relaxation techniques? These practical suggestions can help you to relieve everyday tensions which is good for you and your baby. You will also be informed about different births options and interventions. What about after the birth? The classes discuss how to feed and care for your baby, as well as looking after your own health. How to handle your feelings and emotions throughout your pregnancy, during the birth and after your baby has arrived, is also covered. Finally, the subject of refresher sessions for mums with babies is discussed.

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