Experience the Fun of 4D Scans Before and After

Having a baby - especially your first - is quite the experience, with every turn becoming a new idea to get your head around. Whether it’s getting used to morning sickness, or feeling the baby kick for the first time, there are so many experiences that are central to pregnancy; making it important to document the journey lest you muddle up the memories.

Here at Take A Peek, we offer a service of 4D baby scans, which allow you to see the baby in strikingly accurate 4D views at different points of the pregnancy, including a 16-weeks date where the baby’s sex can be determined 99% of the time, followed by a 4D baby scan between 28-31 weeks of pregnancy, where the baby can be far more clearly seen with distinguishable features.

With the option of HD 4D baby scans, you can take this clarity to the next level and get a true idea of what your little one really looks like - whether he or she looks more like mum or dad - up to 12 weeks before they’re due to come out into the world.

With 4D scans before and after, you can have the joy of comparing how similar your baby looks to the 4D or HD baby scan that you had done when your little one was still in the womb. These scans allow you to cherish the wonder of your baby before they even come out into the world - leaving a physical memento.

You can even keep the 4D scans to show before and after to your child once they grow up and become adults themselves, allowing you both to compare to their own children’s 4D scans in the future. Will their child have their grandma’s nose, or grandad’s chin?

Whilst in the midst of performing the 4D HD baby scan, we can also offer some additional services, such as the adorable heartbeat bears that are exclusive to Take A Peek - which allow you to record the heartbeat of your child from the 4D HD baby scan - so you can take it home and hear their heart before they’re born.

The family can also get in on the fun when it comes to 4D scans before and after, by gifting them with any of our wide array of baby scan options, such as a USB stick full of all the 4D scan images that we’ll record, or framed photographs, or even a keyring that can be carried around with the family member or friend everywhere they go.

Whatever you would like to take from your 4D scans before and after service, our friendly team of professionals will be on hand to make sure the experience is comfortable and becomes a beautiful memory for yourself and your partner. If you have any special requirements, do let us know prior to your appointment so we can accommodate.

Contact us today to discuss your options for 4D HD baby scans, so you can have the joys of comparing their before and after pictures once they’re born.