A Fantastic *Free 4D Scan for Your Baby

As an expectant mum, you know that your first pregnancy is one of the most dramatic life-changing and exciting events in your life. Will your baby be a little girl or boy? What colour will their eyes be? However, the most important concern for you is whether your baby will be healthy. What if a problem is detected? You might have been informed that you precious baby has a cleft lip or palate. How do you feel? It might be a good decision to get as much information about the condition as you can, to help you to come to term with it. Where is the best place for you to start? We offer a free 4D scan for babies with *cleft lips and palates, through our collaborative work with CLAPA (Clift Lip and Palate Association). Take A Peek have a team of three experts who have a combination of 42 years of obstetric ultrasound experience. You can have total confidence in us to look after you and your precious child.

What Is a 4D Scan?

Most of us have seen still images of a baby in 3D, where you can clearly see every detail of its eyes, nose, fingers, skin texture and so on. The clarity is amazing and at the same time unbelievable. The image is so realistic - it is as if you can touch your baby. 4D scans add an extra dimension, which simply means that the baby is seen moving and the images are live.

What can you expect to see? It depends on the what your baby is doing when the pictures are captured. Sometimes you can see more than what you thought was possible and other times, the pictures are not as perfect as you would like. This can be because of fluid around your infant’s face, the position of your baby etc. Please don’t worry, we can arrange another 4D scan, which is also free of charge.

Why Should You Choose to Have a 4D Scan?

The first thing to note is that these 4D scans are free for you, if your baby has a cleft lip or palate. You may have worrying emotions and lots of questions floating around your head. What will my baby look like? How will this condition affect him or her? Having a 4D scan is an excellent choice, as you will have a much clearer picture of what your child will look like. Seeing the whole of your infant in this way, will hopefully relieve some of the anguish that you inevitably experienced, when you first received the diagnosis. Your baby will always be beautiful and adjusting to your infant’s appearance, will help you to bond with her or him.

You can also find out about the help that is available now and in the future, as your baby continues to grow. The advancement in technology means that there is so much that can be done to assist your child, so that they can reach their full potential.

You can find out more by contacting us on our website today - we would love to hear from you.