4D baby scan: The perfect gift for expecting parents

Do you know someone who is awaiting the arrival of a new baby into their family? Help spread the excitement a little further and give them the gift of a HD or 4D baby scan. HD baby scans can help to bring the big day a bit closer for parents with accurate images of their baby in the womb. Whilst pregnancy is a magical time for every couple, it can also be very daunting. A 4D baby scan however is guaranteed to make any parent excited for the adventure of raising their child and watching them grow. Help a couple that you care about connect with their baby before their arrival today.

4D Baby Scans

4D baby scans provide incredible moving images of the baby as it grows and develops in the womb. With a 4D baby scan, you can see elaborate detail of the baby, including their eyes, mouth and nose. Parents can see their child’s features up close and learn about their child’s unique personality and mannerisms by seeing their baby smiling, blinking, yawning and even sulking! What could be a more special gift for expecting parents? A 4D baby scan includes two photographs of your choice and for an extra cost, parents can even take away an adorable video of their little one to share this magical experience with all the family.

HD Baby Scan

Eternalise a magical time in a parent’s life with HD baby scan. A HD baby scan is done with the newest 4D technology, so parents can get beautiful pictures of their baby to fill their home before the big arrival! It’s a good idea to bear in mind that the best time to have a HD scan is when the baby is between 27 and 31 weeks. As well as being a sentimental moment for parents, having a HD scan can is a wonderful way to check up on the baby’s growth and development too. A HD scan includes two photographs of your choice; other mementoes such as keyrings, extra photographs and framed photographs can also be purchased for an extra cost.

Where to go?

Pregnancy is such a special time that no parents want to forget. So, why not give an expecting couple you know an extra special gift? Here at Take A Peek, we offer gift vouchers that can be used towards 4D HD baby scans as well as other mementoes such as our popular heartbeat bears to remember your special day with us. Our aim is to provide a stress-free environment for parents to meet their baby in. All our scans are performed by qualified sonographers and can ensure that your scan will be of the highest quality.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information. Give an expecting someone that you care about the chance to connect with their little one today with excellent quality baby scans in St. Helens. Gift vouchers are available from £15.