Why Opt for A Private Pregnancy Scan?

Expecting a baby brings with it a myriad of decisions, which can sometimes prove overwhelming – so it’s important to make the right ones quickly and easily. Pregnancy scans are an exciting element of the process; as the only way you can physically see your little one before they come out into the big wide world.

Baby scanning is available through the NHS, but the scans are only available at two points within the 40-week pregnancy – at 8-12 weeks and 18-22 weeks – meaning that you’d miss out on any developmental changes that happen in between those dates. With private scans, you can monitor your baby’s growth at a more in-depth, frequent level.

Here are the benefits of opting for pregnancy scans from a private service:

3D and 4D Scans

Private scans are often done in technologically advanced 3D and 4D formats, meaning that you will get a more accurate view of your baby when you visit for a scan. This also means that the measurements and observations can be more specific, ensuring that the baby is monitored as closely as possible to ensure its wellbeing.

3D and 4D scans also allow for clearer images to be taken home and treasured forever, letting you show family and friends the exciting progress of your baby’s growth.

Peace of Mind

There are a number of scans that are specific to the private sector, which will provide ongoing reassurance to expecting parents as the weeks pass by. These include an anatomical survey at around 18-22 weeks and a foetal wellbeing scan at 24-40 weeks, allowing healthcare professionals to keep an eye on any potential issues.

Just as Safe

Despite the fact that the 3D and 4D scans are more in-depth and accurate, it doesn’t mean that they are any more intrusive than more traditional methods. These scans are created by cross-sectioning a number of 2D scans, meaning your baby will be perfectly safe during the procedure.

Breadth of Choice

Every pregnancy, and every parent, is different. You may want to attend some types of scan, but not others. For example, you may wish to discover the gender of the child after 17 weeks of pregnancy so that you can prepare the home and baby’s purchases in time for its arrival – however, other parents may wish to keep the sex of the baby a mystery until birth.

Whatever your decisions, it is definitely worth considering a private baby scan or two during the course of your pregnancy, whether it’s to create a lasting snapshot of it in the womb, or to check for abnormalities and protect its health, there are countless benefits of using private scanning.

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