Private 4D Scans in Warrington

Here at Take a Peek 3D & 4D baby scanning clinic in Warrington, we are highly recommended sonographers in the area offering a relaxing alternative to those routine hospital check-ups, giving you the opportunity to see your baby in much more detail for that little bit longer. 

Offering HD 4D scans in Warrington, our state of the art equipment allows us to show you your little ones features in great detail giving you a sneak peak of who they may look like! We also offer a range of diagnostic scans to those who would like a little bit of reassurance. Our diagnostic scans include anomaly scans (to check that baby is growing normally and to check for any abnormalities), well-being scans for general reassurance in later stages of pregnancy (24 weeks plus) and dating scans to meet your baby for the first time letting you know how far into pregnancy you are instead of waiting for that 12 week scan.

Also offering private gender scans in Warrington, our sonographers take great pleasure and are honoured to let our clients know whether they are having a little boy or girl. We have a range of packages with our scans lasting around 15 minutes a session. In addition to your usual scan pictures or dvd’s we also offer a range of keepsakes for you to treasure forever ranging from keyrings to canvases or our very popular Heartbeat Bear. Our heartbeat bears are very popular amongst our clients, placing the most amazing sound you will ever hear into our cuddly bears coming in either blue pink or brown. A truly amazing keepsake.

For more information on our 3D & 4D baby scans in Warrington, give our team a call today.